Portrait: Mary B. McGrath Mary began her study of photography while attending UCSB as an art major. Her preference in photography is to create unusual imagery through dramatic perspectives. As a photographer, her work combines her love of writing with her compelling images, earning her recognition in such venues as Newsweek, The Wall St. Journal, ASJA,, AOL, Rangefinder, WPPI, Professional Photographer Magazine, Petersen's Photographic, Shutterbug,, Photographer's Forum, Los Angeles Newspaper Group, Copley Newspapers and many other publications and web sites.

It is Mary's belief that good pictures are often the result of bending the rules of photography, so that unique perspectives can be achieved.

Beyond photography, she is a published writer of short stories, celebrity interviews, humor, poetry, travel, restaurant reviews and instructional text. She travels domestically and internationally for her work as a travel writer, using her unusual images to supplement her text, and was recently accepted into ASJA for her work as a journalist and photographer.
She also is part of a forum of composers who regularly collaborate together. A link to her work can be found on:

Beyond the arts, she loves to swim, cycle and hike.

Currently, she resides in Culver City, CA.